Wire Lights

For an upcoming project (hint: the big reveal will be April 25th, but you’ll get a good glimpse of it here before the Big Day) I need a whole bunch of LEDs I can put onto some fabric. The traditional solutions have problems.  Typical “flexible PC board” tricolor LED strips are too stiff and too expensive.  A ton of discrete LEDs is too time consuming and, except at surplus prices, way too expensive.  Enter “Wire Lights” – two parallel strands of copper bell wire with surface-mount LEDs soldered between them.  Wired in series with the entire strand is a series dropping resistor sized to make the whole string light up at 5 volts.  Specified current draw is 1 Amp, but I’m going to need to measure that.  Not really visible in daylight, but they show up well under “normal” indoor illumination and they’ll be great in a slightly dimmed exhibition space.  Hmm…



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