Built Like a Battleship

New addition to the Secret Underground Laboratory:


A Singer Model 99K. Serial number strongly suggests manufacture in 1946. The 99 family was considered a portable sewing machine – at 31 pounds, you could move it anywhere an ox could drag it, and this model is considered “half size”. The machine positively radiates solidity. Accepts standard, modern needles; I’m not sure yet about bobbins. I tried a “New Singer” bobbin and it was too thick to fit in there. I know they stock two different sizes at the fabric store, so I can try the other size and see if I get any luckier. Otherwise, I have the four bobbins that it came with, so I should be OK.

Edit: Bobbin is a Singer Type 66. These are still fairly common, and fit oodles of modern machines. Should have been obvious: a 99 is a smaller 66.

Obligatory action shot:



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