Raspberry Pi – First Light

The big upcoming project uses the Raspberry Pi for brains.  Actually, it uses four of them, one per ghost.  Last week I got them powered up and actually started configuring them.  Simple USB-WiFi adapters are plenty good enough for what I’m doing, and I’m pleased to report that they work flawlessly.

In fact, everything works flawlessly.  This is a totally “plug it in and it works” kind of thing.  Plus, the Pi comes with both Minecraft and Mathematica.  This is the first time in two or three years I’ve felt complete, unadulterated joy from a computer.  The purity of the experience is remarkable.


(brightness, contrast, and effective gamma have been tweaked to compensate for the exposure being completely blown out by the bright monitor behind it).

CPU power feels about like a PII-450 running a modern distro, but the microSD card feels very slow.  No matter – it won’t be heavily taxed in the upcoming application.

2 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi – First Light

  1. Keith

    How well would this work with a Raspberry Pi Zero (and a wireless adon) or; better yet perhaps, the new Raspberry Pi 3 which has built-in wireless?

    1. eriklscott Post author

      It should work, based entirely on published specs. There are no gpio pins on the Pi Zero, just through holes to solder into. This actually makes it easier. The hard part, of course, would be actually getting your hands on four Pi Zeros. Maybe from scalpers on Ebay? I’m going to let the supply chain catch up before I order some, but yes… I would love to shave a few grams off of the cape.

      Other weight-saving idea: I’m getting rid of the 10-cell packs and moving to four cells and a pair of boost switching supplies. LiPo still scares me because people are wearing the thing around their neck. I’m also done with the experimental phase and I’m probably going to make waterproof, shock-isolating enclosures for the electronic bits so they aren’t so delicate. In a six hour installation, figure on repairing capes about 3-4 times. This will probably start right after I grade final exams. 🙂


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