Waka Waka…

In previous posts, I’ve gotten a sewing machine and I’ve bought wire lights.  I’ve also made allusion to ghosts.  By now it should be obvious…

Real Life Pac Person.

(The console games attempted to promulgate a false gender binary on susceptible young players.)

I managed, before this weekend was out, to sew a Pac Person cape and attach yellow LED wire lights to it.  I did it not because it was easy, but because it was fun.  Making the cape is the easy part. It’s a two-fold cape with one section removed to yield a 3/4 circle cape.  Neck cutout is about a 12″ collar.  Velcro allows it to be taken down to half that, or a velcro extension tab expands the neck to about 21 inches.  This should fit anyone from eight year olds to All Pro defensive linebackers.


LED coverage is stronger on the left side than the front, and I’m debating whether to go back in there with another, shorter strand of lights or whether to just go with it.  All the players are going to know this is Pac Person – it’s yellow, it’s hitting Power Pills, and it’s running like its life depends on it when the blinking stops.  Illumination brightness is more than adequate for indoor play.  I expect it will burn through three sets of batteries in a seven hour installation.

Those LEDs took about five hours of hand sewing.  Oh yeah.


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